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Business Telephone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now the industry standard for telephony voice 

This replaces your traditional business telephone system into a digital platform that is more flexible and robust than all previous telephone technology. 

The marketplace is overloaded with multiple different platforms all offering different services & setup requirements, ranging from fully Hosted Cloud Solutions for full roaming and flexibility to a traditional telephone system. 

Premier can draw on our incredible industry knowledge to design and deliver the right package for you. 



Data Connectivity between people and devices is so important in today’s world and with the number of products and delivery systems on the market its vital you make the right choice for your business. 

We can take that guesswork away and install the right connectivity solution that your business needs. 

  • Fixed Line
  • Ethernet
  • Fixed Wireless Access

Business Mobile

Mobile is the fastest growing sector in telecommunications and with the advent of 5G & IOT (Internet of Things) devices, it can be even harder today to make sure you are ahead of the curve with current technologies & software management systems for your mobile devices.

  • Business Mobile Contracts
  • Business Mobile Manager
  • M2M (Mobile 2 Mobile) & IOT (Internet of Things) Solutions


Infrastructure is the backbone of your business and everyone’s needs and requirements are different. 

It could be a simple structured cabling solution that you need or a point 2-point (line of sight) connection. Premier has access to the cutting edge of data connectivity hardware so we can design, manage and install the perfect foundation to allow your business to prosper. 

  • Structured Cabling
  • Business Wi-Fi
  • Point 2 Point
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