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Posted May 3, 2022

We explored some of the traditional methods of communication we use in our businesses in the last article, we explained that these methods – for all their years of dedicated service – simply won’t suffice anymore. We established that effective communication is – and always will be – the lynchpin of every successful organisation in the world, in the following article we will explore the modern ways that we can communicate with the various entities in our businesses, and how – if done correctly – it can change your organisation forever.


Communication for the modern business

VoIP – Telephony for the modern business

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP makes it possible to make a call directly from a computer or a VoIP phone from anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection, and all can be done whilst still keeping the same contact number.

ISDN, otherwise known as the traditional form of telephony for business, is nearing end of life. This should be enough for you to be actively pursuing a new method, and that is before you explore the often extortionately expensive costs of installation and maintenance. VoIP is comparatively cheap, has abilities that are far more advanced than ISDN, and allows your team to be connected regardless of their location on the planet. It makes things possible that we previously couldn’t imagine.


Why is VoIP the obvious replacement?

The ‘office setting’ from anywhere

You can ‘pull the wool over your client’s eyes’ with VoIP, and can appear at your desk in the office when actually you are at home. It allows you to be professional at all times – regardless of your location – and the process change for your clients. They dial the same, reputable, familiar company number that they always do and the call can still be answered with the company slogan in a professional way, this is particularly important for brand new prospects that are reaching out to your business for goods or services, the first impression they have of your business comes from this exchange – make sure it is a good one.


Traditional phone lines that run to a business have a specific number assigned to them. It is likely that your team is – or is going to – make an at least partial change to remote working, those that have already have had to remember complex codes and keys in order for their device to appear as the office number when actually in their house or the coffee shop, it isn’t the most difficult task for those with a familiarity with tech, but for those that have no technical prowess this can become a long, arduous, and time-consuming task.

With VoIP your team can now work from anywhere with an internet connection, with very little change to the service you offer your clients. If done correctly, your clients should be oblivious to the changes and your team can enjoy the benefits of remote working.


Voicemail was once a key part of business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite stand up to scrutiny in today’s world – VoIP makes Voicemail obsolete; it makes it possible to choose where your calls ring and for how long they ring. Theoretically, you can have the first calls take place to your office (where you spend the most time), followed by your home office (undoubtedly where you spend the most time when home), the next to your mobile (for when you are on the go), and the last to your boat (for when you are having some well needed rest).

VoIP offers a unique opportunity, one that has not been possible before – the ability to guarantee to your client base that you will never miss their call, a promise that has been made previously, but never didn’t actually mean never then.


As we just explained, promises can be made that where impossible previously – infact traditionally promises were avoided, better to not promise at all than to break one. But, with the ability to choose where your calls are forwarded to, in the event of a disaster you can simply move to another location and continue as if nothing has happened, uptime can be guaranteed, and in turn so can a top-quality service.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the gem in the crown of the Microsoft Suite of tools, is has rapidly risen to being one of the most effective tools in the entire ecosystem. Over 250 million people worldwide use the app daily and now wouldn’t be able to thrive – or even survive – without it. Teams can seamlessly integrate with other tools in the Microsoft ecosystem, it allows your team to share files, co-ordinate tasks, and schedule meetings, all from one place.

All of its features make many of the traditional methods of communication obsolete – for example, in house Emailing is no longer required, cutting the time for internal conversations by a considerable amount, this means your team have more time to complete tasks that actually add value to the organisation and not waste time.

Remaining familiar with the technological landscape of those in your sector is important, they may already have effective solutions to problems that you are facing. Being vigilant and open to change will ensure that your team are equipped with the best possible tools to complete their daily tasks and solve their own challenges.

It can be a challenging task so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team and we will help you to choose, implement, and manage the right tools to help your business thrive.


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We work closely with small, medium and enterprise level businesses – our core values remain strong; we will work smoothly and efficiently as a part of your team to deliver our high standards in cutting edge, creative communication solutions. Thanks to our years of experience, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and pride ourselves on embracing the latest innovations to offer you complete peace of mind. Our team values that each business’ needs are unique, and we are therefore flexible and bespoke in our approach.


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