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Posted January 14, 2022

In the first article we explored some of the traditional ways that we communicate in our businesses, and we explained that these methods were once more than capable of delivering levels and quality of communication that were beneficial for any workplace. However, in the modern age, they don’t quite stand up to scrutiny – they no longer allow you to achieve the quality of communication that is required for your business to thrive. It is therefore time for a change.

As we have already explored, communication is – by some way – the most important element of any business.

The remainder of this article will explore the modern methods of communication that can assist you, your team, and in turn your organisation, going forward into the future.


Communication in the modern world of work

VoIP telephony – the modern way to communicate

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. With VoIP you can make a call directly using a computer, or a VoIP phone, from anywhere. This can all be done whilst keeping the same contact number (which is vital to modern business, as it can appear to your clients that you are in a particular place even when you aren’t) – we will explore this in more detail later.

Traditional telephony for business (ISDN) is very near the end of its life. This fact should be enough to persuade you to find an alternative solution, but if it doesn’t perhaps the cost will. VoIP in comparison is far cheaper and has advanced capabilities that allow you to communicate with your team, flawlessly, from anywhere on the globe – as long as they have a sufficient internet connection.


VoIP – The obvious replacement

The ‘office setting’ from anywhere

VoIP allows you to maintain an image no matter the circumstances, because your team can be anywhere in the world but appear to your client base as if they are at their desks in the office – if you are on the beach with your family, out with your friends on a night out, or simply at the local coffee shop your quality of service need never suffer. VoIP is unique, as it allows you to improve the levels of professionalism and quality of contact to your customers with no change to the service process. The call will still go from the reputable company contact number, and they will still be greeted with the familiar friendly company greeting – this doesn’t sound like much, but to maintain your customer base it is essential to remain consistent – doing so will allow your clients to develop a level of trust and familiarity with you, your team, and in turn your business as a whole.



Traditional phone lines have a specific phone number assigned to them. The way we work is changing, and many are adopting an at least partially remote working team, so if you choose to continue using ISDN, to make remote working possible your team will have to remember complex codes and keys – which are unnecessary and annoying additions to work processes.

With VoIP your team can make their own choice where they work, with little or no effect to business operations.



Voicemail has traditionally been a wonderful tool – it allowed us to be certain that if we couldn’t answer a call, we weren’t missing out on anything. Unfortunately, in the modern age VoIP is a far better option, because instead of your call going through to Voicemail when it is not answered it can ring elsewhere. You can choose where your call rings and for how long – let’s say, for example, you spend most of your time in your office, so the first rings can go there, then the second few to your home, and the last to your mobile; by using this system you can be confident that wherever you are or whatever you are doing you will never miss those all-important business calls.



VoIP offers a unique opportunity; with it you can make promises that simply weren’t possible previously. With the ability to route your calls to locations of your choice, you can guarantee to your customers that, no matter the circumstances, you will be available for contact.



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has rapidly become one of the leading lights in the Microsoft suite of tools. Since its release in 2017 it has undergone a gradual increase in popularity – or at least that was until the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we briefly explored, the health crisis forced many to adopt remote working teams, and those teams needed tools to use whilst working from home – the best option on the market is Microsoft Teams. With its influence spanning the globe, over 250 million people use the platform daily, just because it allows you and your team to share files, co-ordinate tasks, and much more, all in one easy to navigate place.

Meetings made easier by Teams

Again, as we explored in the previous article, traditional meetings were awful, not held nearly as often as they should have been, and were very difficult to organise – luckily, there are now new modern methods of conducting far more productive meetings for your team.

Meetings in Teams allows you to organise a meeting in advance. Teams automatically finds a slot which works for all the team members involved and automatically adds it to their diary, thus removing the hours that it used to take to organise a time that suited everyone. Your team can join those meetings from anywhere in world (for instance, if your business requires your team to be on location travelling) – VoIP makes it possible to both be away for business but still involved in the meeting agenda.

It is of the utmost importance that you keep familiar with the technological landscape of successful businesses around the world, as, in this way, you can see what will benefit your own. By adopting the proven methods relevant to your company, you will have peace of mind that your team are well-equipped and able to complete their roles efficiently and to the highest standard possible.



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Teams as a VoIP alrernative

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